Are you ready for a change of heart and is it about time to focus on something new than consider to join us on a journey into a brighter future.

Today’s daily life is revolving and evolving at high speed and for the most it is hard to follow and catch up.

Ravconner is the right choice for those who make the choice to spend time on themselves to be prepared for whatever is to come.

Pause life for a little while to reflect on what lies behind, on today and on what the future might bring. Am I happy with life as it is? Did I make the right choices? Am I on the best track? What are my new goals? How am I going to achieve them? Is life what I like it to be or am I just following other peoples visualisation?

Of course Ravconner doesn’t have an answer to all your questions but we offer a listening ear to all that is actually important to you and if asked will give ideas on how to form a plan for the near future. All this based on over 50 years of life experience and over 35 years of work experience. In the least pretending to be based on big successes but for sure based on making mistakes that you don’t have to make yourselves.

Ravconner can offer you sessions of at least two hours where we can talk about you and find out if we can be of value on your way to upscale your focus on any topic that is actually important to you.

Further we offer a three, five or seven day session where we will be outside surrounded by nature where we focus on Photography together.

The camera will serve as a tool to find a different view on looking at life. It doesn’t matter if you have a camera yourselve as we have several at your disposal and it also doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert as it only serves as a means to a higher purpose. Of course for people that are in to photography itself these sessions are ideal to learn more and to gather some nice pictures!

Choose the right solution that fits your needs

2 Hour Session

180 €

3 Weekdays

699 €


799 €

5 Days

1149 €

7 Days

1399 €